We're going to be in an anti-POTUS situation, looks like. The message from everyone else has to be "it isn't the building that makes you President, it's us—and we weren't going to move right in there anyhow. After all your Russian pals had access it can't be considered a secure place from which to run the executive branch."

That's a message Harris is particularly well-suited to lay the ground for; "After criminal activity you need to inspect a location /very/ carefully before you can consider it clean. There'll be a deeper security investigation necessary than was done after Nixon. Which makes this a good opportunity for necessary repairs and renovation on this historic building. As we conduct this work we will be engaging not only with the recent past, but with the troubling relationship between the building itself and slavery. This is a time for reflection and reconciliation."

The pandemic has set the precedent for people working from different locations until its safe to return to normal. Temporary relocation of the seat of executive power is appropriate.

The power isn't the building; let Trump sit in there playing pretend after he loses while we pull away one by one all the props he's using to hold himself up.

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This is terrifying.

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