We're Moving!

So long, and thanks for all the, uh... subs? Stacks?

So, I mentioned in one of my more recent updates that I’m looking to relocate my newsletter off of Substack, in light of some high-profile business decisions that Substack has made in terms of who and what gets platformed here and to what degree.

Obviously, it would be impossible to find a content distribution/payment platform that won’t host something that I disagree with, but this is not about mere differences of opinions and goes beyond even moral/ethical qualms to existential concerns.

And as I mentioned at the time, my internal conflict over using Substack in the meantime has been an impediment to my use of it as I don’t like depending for money on a platform that I don’t want to make money for. My intention had been to shake off those concerns and push on with using Substack in the interim, but life found a way of adding sufficient other obstacles on top of that one that slowed down both my re-establishment of my newsletter and my move to another platform.

Well, I’m here today to announce that I do have a replacement set up. I’m going with Buttondown Email, a service I never heard of before it was recommended to me, which touts on its website that it’s run by a person rather than a company.

Which can be good or bad, as people are good and bad, and there’s nothing that stops this person from going corporate in the future. But as I’m looking for accountability from my provider, I’d rather deal with a person than a company for now.

What does this change mean for you? Not much. I am seeking further information but my understanding right now is that any subscription you have here will be carried over on the other side after I migrate my content.

In order to avoid this catching too many people by surprise, I’m going to wait until next week to “flip the switch” and will post regular updates to this newsletter between now and then, which will include a reminder/announcement and link to this post.

I understand that some of the people who have read the Erin Endeavor probably do so as part of a daily routine of checking Substack and that however convenient the email migration might be for other people, removing my newsletter from Substack will leave it out of sight and thus in danger of being out of mind.

If that’s the case for you, I want you to know that you and your readership do matter to me, even in the hypothetical and abstract. I hope you will make the switch with the rest of us but I will understand if you don’t or can’t, if it just doesn’t work for you. I’m learning the importance of doing what works for me because it works for me, and encourage you to do the same.

Anyway, talk to you soon!