Vision Restored!

I can see clearly now, the pain is gone.

Just a quick note to all of my subscribers: I’m sorry that this project has fallen by the wayside so much lately.

If you’ve followed my Twitter closely enough, you already know what’s been going on. It’s been hard for me to function without an updated eyeglass prescription, and hard to get a new prescription during The Quarantimes.

I tried various workarounds (using wearable screen devices that put the text right in front of my face, making text larger, etc.) but ultimately it wasn’t that I was straining to see that it was painful, it was that one of my eyes had degraded quite a bit more than the other and I think that was making it painful and tiring to process what I was seeing even when it was clear.

Worse, while I had thought my last eye exam was two years ago but when I checked my records on Zenni Optical (which, by the way, is a great source for lenses and frames if you know your current prescription… that’s not an affiliate/referral link, I just want people to know the option exists), I realized it was in early 2017.


Assuming my financial situation doesn’t change much for the worse, I’m definitely going to start going for annual exams instead of waiting for things to get so bad that I can’t help noticing them.

Yesterday, two weeks after my eye exam, I was able to pick up my new glasses and I’m now enjoying my first day without a splitting headache in probably over a hundred days.

As you might imagine, I’m very eager to get back to doing all the things that I’ve been missing – reading, writing both fiction and non, and doing the kind of in-depth news analysis that had become my bread and butter.

Right now my biggest problem is that I’ve been unable to focus on work for so long that I’m not sure where to begin or how to get back into the swing of things. So what I’m writing now is mostly lists and plans, but even that is kind of weirdly fulfilling?

Anyway. Not to tempt fate, but you may expect a couple of actual serious newsletter updates this week, and a resumption of steady updates after that.

Thank you all for your patient support. At the risk of getting gushy, it means the world to me.