The Javanka Hunters

If Trump's offspring behaved like Hunter Biden, they'd be taking a significant paycut.

There's much ground to cover in the rambling, ranting rampage of revenge that constituted Donald Trump's official address on impeachment, but one topic he touched on brought up something that has been on my mind:

Hunter Biden is said to have been paid about $83,000 a month in his time working with Burisma, or at least between 2014 and 2015. If we take this as representative, it works out to right around a million dollars per year, which, to be clear, is a fortune. I don't think anybody reading this wouldn't have their life changed by a million dollars, or even by $83,000. 

Would Trump's kids notice another million, though? Let's put it in persective.

Jared and Ivanka, who have been working in the White House with made-up portfolios and trumped-up security clearances, reported earnings of $135 million in one year in their most recent financial disclosures. That's almost 12 Hunter Bidens every month: what he got for one year, they got more than ten times over in a month. To put another way, they made more per week on average (about $2.5 million) then he made in an entire year.

While working in the White House, while having access to insider information and being involved in international diplomacy, while conducting business dealings on official trips and with entities they were involved in diplomatic relations with.

Elsewhere in the MAGA-sphere, the family of Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow received 65 Hunter Bidens' worth of money from charities over a single decade.

That's an average of 6.5 Hunters per year.

Speaking of charities, how about Donald raised 2.8 Hunter Bidens for veterans and then transferred the money to his own presidential campaign? He later settled for general misuse of charity funds and had to pay 2 Hunter Bidens as a settlement. 

All of this is without getting into how he's been selling Hunter Bidens on top of Hunter Bidens of overpriced condos to Russians, or the fact that the Saudis have financed Jared to the tune of hundreds of Hunter Bidens. 

But what's a couple hundred Hunter Bidens between friends?

I'm not saying that nothing sketchy was going on with Burisma. It was being I haven't heard anyone say that it didn't look bad or that he shouldn't have known better. Even Vice President Joe Biden famously pushed Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who had stalled the investigation into Burisma. 

(Though Donald has some "alternative facts" about that one.)

But when you compare the payouts Hunter is supposed to have received to the rivers of millions  flowing into and through the wallets of the Trumps and the people around them, it kind of puts the double standard in sharp relief, doesn't it?

I mean, you know what they say: a Hunter Biden here and a Hunter Biden there, and pretty soon you're talking real money.

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