Subscription Drive Update

I heard the kids are into fortnights so I have extended my sale two weeks.

 Hey, all!

Today was the day that the introductory sale was set to end and the subscription price (for new subscribers) would go up to $5 a month or $50 a year. This was an idea I adopted from Substack's own sort of quickstart guide, and I have to say it has gone pretty well for me. I had a number that I deemed as kind of a bare minimum "worth it" and no upper bound for what might constitute success, and in between I had a number that I thought was probably really great but attainable, and, well... we hit that number.

I looked on these past three weeks as being something like a fundraise to sort of "kick start" (if you will) the endeavor, build up a subscriber base and a readership. The audience for these missives is still tiny compared to Twitter... a few hundred people read the newsletter, but I regularly get hundreds of thousands of views on my best threads. That alone is why I'm not going to consciously abandon Twitter in favor of the newsletter. I just need a place where I can put my more thoughtful, reflective content as my life becomes less about sitting on Twitter.


I said today was the day the sale originally ended, but it's not anymore. Today would also have been the day of the first paid member only post, but I got a flu shot yesterday and today I'm feeling the effects. Side effect of my mitochondrial condition is that I get really bad muscle soreness and fatigue after an inoculation. Brain fog is not as bad as usual, but enough that I know I don't want to commit myself to something momentous and important.

I've kicked the can down the road two weeks, to Monday the 21st of October, for both the sale to end and the first paid post to go up. Why two weeks? Because the day after tomorrow we're flying to Oklahoma for a family wedding, and then the weekend after that we're attending Capclave. There's a whole week or so of days I can carve out of there where I hope to be working more or less normally, but I never know what travel is going to do to me.

If you're wondering what the paid content for this newsletter will consist... so am I! That's only partly because I haven't fully figured it out myself. The other part is that it's going to be a bit... interactive. I will tell you a bit more about it the coming weeks.

Anyway, if you're reading this on the free mailing list and you have been thinking about buying a supporting subscription, you still have two more weeks to lock in the deal.

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