Quick Personal Update

Hello, new subscribers! Sorry it's so quiet.

Oof… so, in a case of really bad timing I have had a mitochondrial flare-up that limits how much time I can spend upright at my desk right after a huge subscription push and during what might be one of the busiest and most consequential news weeks in recent memory (so far).

In practical terms: I have a mitochondrial mutation that mostly manifests as a chronic fatigue condition that sometimes makes it hard for me to physically do anything or mentally focus on anything more substantial than a short Twitter thread. One of the side-effects of my mitochondrial disorder is that I have a hard time regulating my body’s temperature or noticing when I’m too hot or too cold, both of which are among the things that kick my backside. The sudden temperature drop near the end of September and then fluctuating temperatures since then have drained my ability to actually get anything done.

I’ve had the financial and mental wherewithal to make some adjustments, though, including getting some brightly backlit, USB-powered (so I don’t have to worry about batteries when I’m not at my best) temperature displays for my office and bedroom and I’m slowly crawling my way out of the fatigue hole. I’ll be resuming normal service over here next week.

Thank you for your patronage!